Making Coffee with a Milk Frother

A milk frother is an electric device that froths up milk but without using steam like traditional espresso machine. If you have a pod coffee machine, it’s a convenient way to make your morning cup of coffee.

Extracting Methods that work with a Milk Frother

Moka Pot

I think a Milk Frother works really well with a Moka Pot. A Moka Pot is a stovetop coffee maker. It produces an intense extraction with is similar to espresso. While it’s not the same as espresso coffee, it still works really in a flat white type drink.

If you’re looking to save money on coffee, but still have something that tastes great, a moka pot is a good option. They are cheap to buy and when used with a milk frother, you get a really good milky coffee.

Coffee Pods

Most Coffee Pod machines like the Nespresso machines don’t have a steam wand for making frothed milk. This means they are the perfect partner to a milk frother. While pod coffee is never going to be as good as freshly ground and extracted espresso, it’s super convenient. You don’t need to worry about grinding beans and clean up involves pressing a button.

In Australia you can get a basic Nespresso compatible machine for around $150.

Instant Coffee

While I’m not a huge fan of instant coffee, you can’t beat the price or convenience. A milk frother can be used to make great Iced Coffee drinks using instant coffee.

Making Coffee with a Milk Frother

When making coffee with a milk frother, don’t add the espresso or other coffee to the milk frother. Heating up the coffee with the milk will change the flavour of the coffee. Froth the milk separately and then pour it over the coffee.

Some milk frothers are made so you can add different ingredients into the frother like hot chocolate, chai etc. You can use these types of milk frothers to make instant coffee drinks. However I’ve found it’s usually best to dissolve the instant coffee in boiling water first so it mixes up correctly.

Frothed milk made with a milk frother doesn’t make great latte art. You do need a steam wand for that.

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