The Best Electric Egg Cookers in Australia

An Electric Egg Cooker is a purpose built device for cooking eggs. While I’m not usually a huge fan of single purpose devices, if you regularly eat eggs (like me) I’ve found these appliances to be super useful.

The Best Electric Egg Cookers

I took a look at a number of egg cookers available in Australia and these are the best options:

Breville The Eggspert – My Pick

Breville The Eggspert Egg Cooker

The Breville Eggspert can boil 4 eggs at a time or poach 2 eggs at once. This cooker actually submerges the eggs in water and I found it cooked the eggs better than the Sunbeam. It has settings to cook the eggs soft, medium or hard and there is a poaching option too. The Eggspert has a sensor to measure the water temperature and cook the eggs for just the right time leading to the most consistent results.

With the other egg cookers, you do need to pierce the eggs before cooking them to stop them bursting. They including a piercing device. With the Breville you don’t need to worry about this.

It does hold fewer eggs than the Sunbeam, but I do prefer both the build quality and functionality of the Breville. It requires no experimentation to get good results.

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Sunbeam Poach and Boil Egg Cooker

Sunbeam Electric Egg Cooker

The Sunbeam Egg Cooker can cook up to 6 eggs at a time. It also includes 2 poaching trays to make poached eggs.

It has a built in alarm to let you know when the eggs are done. I did find the alarm to be a little too loud, but this is a minor concern.

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Kmart Egg Cooker

Kmart Egg Cooker

The Kmart Egg Cooker is a cheap egg cooker that can boil 6 eggs at time. Unlike the other options it doesn’t include poaching trays. So if you’re also looking to make poached eggs I wouldn’t go with another option. If you’re looking for something to make poached eggs take a look at these egg poachers.

This egg cooker will require a bit of experimentation to get the results you’re after and it is harder to make soft boiled eggs.

Kambrook Egg Cooker

Kambrook Egg Cooker

The Kambrook Egg Cooker can cook up to 8 eggs at once and poach 3 eggs. If you’re looking for a large capacity egg cooker, this is your best bet. In terms of functionality it is very similar to the Sunbeam egg cooker. The Kambrook egg cooker is available from The Good Guys and a number of other appliance retailers in Australia.

How do Egg Cookers Work?

These devices are egg steamers. They make boiled eggs through steam or through immersion. You simply add some water to the water reservoir, turn them on and they will cook the eggs. An egg boiling machine will create consistent results – although I did find there is some experimentation involved to get the perfect texture.

The Egg Cookers that use steam do require you to prick the eggs (using an included device). The Breville doesn’t require you to do this. I prefer the way the Breville Eggspert cooks the eggs as it requires no experimentation.

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