Gingham Galore: 5 Gingham Quilt Covers Available in Australia

Discover the timeless charm and comfort of gingham quilt covers in our latest curation. This classic pattern, originating from the mills of Manchester, England, will add a preppy, country feel to any bedroom. Embodying both simplicity and quaint sophistication, gingham is a choice that never goes out of style.

Lennon Gingham Quilt Cover from Sheet Society

Lennon Gingham Quilt Cover from Sheet Society

Sheet Society makes some of my favourite sheets. The Lennon Gingham Quilt Cover has a gorgeous green, blue and grey colour palette. This quilt cover is made from French flax linen making it breathable and durable and the linen perfectly complements the classic gingham check. Sheet Society quilt covers come with a built in zip instead of buttons or press studs, so they’ll last a lifetime.

I love the Sheet Society sheets because nothing comes in a set. You can choose every piece of linen to create your own perfect set. I’m not a fan of matching my pillows with the quilt and Sheet Society lets me pick and choose.

Adairs Lonnie Quilt Cover Set

Adairs sell a number of gingham quilt covers. I love this Lonnie Lilac Quilt Cover. This quilt cover has a gingham pattern on the front and a solid matching colour on reverse. This Adairs quilt also comes with corner ties which will hold your quilt in place and stop it moving around inside the cover.

Emmet Gingham Quilt Cover from Target

Emmet Gingham Quilt Cover from Target Australia

Target sells the Emmet Gingham Quilt cover in Australia. It features a muted yellow tone and is made from a cotton/linen blend. In terms of quality this doesn’t match some of the other options, but it is a more affordable options. It comes in a set with two pillowcases.

Noni Gingham Quilt Cover

Noni Gingham quilt cover from Country Road

Country Roads sell the Noni Quilt Cover which features a more traditional gingham check in more modern colour tones. It’s available in Natural, Pecan and Pink Salt colours. This is linen blend quilt cover made from 55% cotton and 45% Linen. Match the quilt cover with solid, neutral tone sheets to complete the look.

French Flax Gingham Quilt Cover from ILoveLinen

ILoveLinen Gingham Quilt Covers

ILoveLinen sells a number of 100% French flax quilt covers in a Gingham pattern. These quilt covers are available in a number of different colours to complement a range of bedroom styles. These costs around the same as the Country Road quilt covers but are made from 100% linen instead of a blend and in my opinion are much better value.

How to Style Gingham Sheets

Most modern gingham sheet sets come feature a neutral colour tone. These sheets will never go out of style and will look good in a variety of different bedrooms. Gingham will always look good paired with wooden furniture. For a classic retro look, add some rattan such as a rattan bedside table to your room.

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