Best Kitchen Bins: Australian Guide

Looking for a new Kitchen Bin, we’ve rounded some of the best options available in Australia. We’ve included a range of bins that we think will stand the test of time and also look good in your home.

Best Kitchen Bins Australia

Kitchen Bins: Our Picks

There are a lot of different options available in Australia. We picked these options as they are all tried and tested and also well designed.

Amazon Basics Pedal Bin

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Kitchen Bin

If you’re looking for a stainless steel kitchen bin that is also good quality, it’s hard to look past the Amazon Basics pedal bin.

This kitchen bin has an internal hard plastic bucket so if the bag breaks, you don’t need to clean out the entire bin or worry about leaks. The outer shell is made from a smudge resistant stainless steel and it has a soft close lid. Amazon also sells a variant in a good looking matte black. One feature I really appreciate is the lid will stay open which makes it easier to change bags without the lid constantly falling down.

The Amazon Basics Kitchen Bin comes in a variety of sizes and finishes and there are both narrow and standard widths. You should be able to find a version that fits no matter your kitchen size.

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SimpleHuman Dual Bin

SimpleHiman Dual Bin

The SimpleHuman Dual Bin combines form and function. SimpleHuman make a range of super high quality home products that are also beautifully designed.

This Dual bin has a compartment for general waste and one for recycling in the same unit. This is a pedal kitchen bin. SimpleHuman do also sell a motion sensor version of this bin, although I prefer the simplicity of the pedal.

The SimpleHuman Dual Compartment Bin has a brushed stainless steel finish which looks amazing. The recycling compartment has a pull out hard plastic bin with a handle which makes emptying the recycling easier.

SimpleHuman bins can use their own branded custom fitted linings. But I’ve always just used regular bin bags. There is a spot on the back of the bin to store the liners. This bin is really well built and will last a long time.

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Joseph Joseph Titan Compactor Kitchen Bin

Joseph Joseph Titan Compactor Kitchen Bin

The JosephJoseph Titan has a built in compactor function. If you live in an apartment, it can often be quite a trek to take out the rubbish. This bin has a handle that can compact the rubbish:

The lid features a built in odour filter. The bin works best with JosephJoseph bin bags.

I found the compacting feature of the JosephJoseph titan works best with general waste and isn’t as effective at compacting recycling.

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Brabantia Sort and Go Waste Bin

Brabantia Simple Kitchen Bin

The Brabantia Sort and Go Kitchen Bin is a simple yet good looking kitchen bin. The bin comes in a variety of sizes and colours. All of the colours feature a matte finish which I think makes them look great.

The Brabantia Kitchen Bin can be mounted to the wall

These bins can also be mounted on the wall using a support bracket. If you’re looking for a simple and small kitchen bin, I think this is a great option.

Joseph Joseph Totem Max

Joseph Joseph Totem Max Dual Kitchen Bin

The Joseph and Joseph Totem Max features 3 different compartments in a space saving design. There are two main compartments, one for general waste and one for recycling. There is also a smaller section that can be used for kitchen scraps.

The larger compartments can also be split for further separation, such as plastics and paper.

This bin is made from a powder coated metal and is available in a number of different finishes.

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Kmart Kitchen Bin

Kmart Cheap Kitchen Bin

The Matte Rectangular Kitchen Bin from Kmart is a cheap kitchen bin that I think still looks pretty good. I don’t expect this bin would last as long as some of the other options, but it still seems fairly sturdy. This is a pedal bin and also has a removable hard inner plastic bin.

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