The Best Variable Temperature Kettle in Australia

Different teas and coffees require different temperatures for optimal brewing. For example a Green Tea made with water too hot will be bitter. A variable temperature kettle lets you select the exact temperature and many of these smart kettles also come with additional handy features.

I took a look at the best variable temperature kettles in Australia. These were the ones I found had the best features, reliability and build quality.

The Best Variable Temperature Kettle – Breville Smart Kettle

The Breville Smart Kettle

The Breville Smart Kettle is my favourite variable temperature kettle in Australia. This product has been highly reviewed online and for good reason – it just works.

The Breville Smart Kettle comes with 5 different temperature settings that range from 80 degrees to 100 degrees. There is also a keep warm function, which will hold the temperature until you’re ready to pour.

I’ve found that Breville manufactures some of the highest quality products available in Australia. I find the build quality is a noticeable step up on similar brands. And while you pay a little extra for Breville products, these are guaranteed to last. I’ve been collecting reviews from other Breville Smart Kettle owners and some of them have had there kettle going on 9 years and it’s still going strong. This is an appliance that will last.

Breville also sells a Luxe version of this Kettle which looks stunning. But unfortunately it is quite a bit more expensive. However if you really care how your kitchen looks, I would get the Luxe version.

The Best Cheap Option – Russell Hobbs Digital Kettle

Russell Hobbs Digital Smart Kettle

If you’re looking to pay less than $100 for a Kettle and still have a digital kettle that lets you select the temperature, my pick would be the Russell Hobbs Digital Smart Kettle. Russell Hobbs quality is nowhere near that of Breville, but they still last a decent amount of time. The build quality feels a little bit cheaper than the Breville.

Just like the Breville there are 5 different boil settings and it has a 1.7 litre capacity.

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The Best Luxury Option – SMEG

Smeg Variable Temperature Kettle

The SMEG Variable Temperature Kettle is the most expensive kettle of the bunch. With this Kettle you are paying for looks. It is functional too, you can set the temperature from 50 up to 100 degrees. It also has a keep warm function.

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The Best Pourover Smart Kettle – Fellow Stag

Fellow Stag Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

The Fellow Stag is available in Australia and is one of the best pourover kettles you can buy. It has variable temperature from 57-100 degrees and can hold temperature for 1 hour. This is a coffee lovers dream kettle.

If you’re into pourover coffee you can either decant water from a regular kettle into a pourover jug or just use a pourover kettle. These kettles obviously can also make Tea (and I’ve found they do a fantastic job) but they don’t have the same capacity. So if you’re making a lot of cups of tea, this won’t be the Kettle for that.

I rely on the wonderful James Hoffman to provide advice on all things coffee. You should watch his video:

Some of the kettles in this video aren’t widely available in Australia.

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Runner Up – Sunbeam Alinea Select Kettle

The Sunbeam Alinea Select is a great looking controllable Kettle. Like the Breville it has 5 different temperatures. In my opinion I think this kettle looks better than the Breville. It’s also cheaper. Sunbeam products can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to quality, but I feel that they have been improving over the last few years.

Do you need a Variable Temperature Kettle?

A variable temperature kettle will come in handy if you drink different types of tea or enjoy pourover or French press coffee. Special teas like White Tea can be ruined if you brew using water that’s too hot. You’ll see on pretty much every tea box a brewing temperature suggestion. These suggestions will create the optimal taste and avoid bitterness or unpleasant notes.

If you’re looking to drink better tasting tea and coffee, these smart kettles will help you do just that.

How does a Variable Temperature Kettle Work

Using a variable temperature kettle is no harder than using a regular Kettle. you just select the temperature you are looking to brew at and it will come to the boil like a standard kettle. And all the kettles that I’ve reviewed here can also just boil water to 100 degrees.

Do you need a Smart Kettle which connects to your phone

There are a number of smart kettles that can connect to your phone via wifi or bluetooth. I think this is mainly a novelty and not an essential feature. An app connected kettle is going to make a better cup of tea or coffee.

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