Breville Puck Sucker Review: is it worth getting?

Did you know that Breville sells the Puck Sucker – a nifty little gadget that removes the used coffee puck from the portafilter. But is it actually worth buying or is it just a gimmick? Here’s my review of the Breville Puck Sucker:

The Breville Puck Sucker

What is the Breville Puck Sucker

The Breville Puck Sucker is a vacuum bin for coffee grounds. It will suck out the coffee puck from a 58mm Portafilter.

It uses a 9v battery so it doesn’t need to be plugged in. The bin has room for 10-12 coffee pucks.

Does the Breville Puck Sucker Work

I can confirm that the Puck Sucker does exactly what it says it does. It quickly sucks out the coffee puck with minimum fuss and noise. It’s much quieter than the bang of a knock box – so if you’re buying this to cut down on noise, it’s good for that purpose.

Like all Breville Products, it’s well made and feels very solid. I expect it will last long.

The bottom bin is dishwasher safe, however I find it’s just as easy to wash it alongside the drip tray when I’m cleaning my Breville coffee machine.

What Breville Machines Does the Puck Sucker Work with?

The Breville Puck Sucker is designed to work with Breville Machines that use a 58mm Portafilter. Before buying make sure you check this size.

Breville Oracle, Oracle Touch and Dual Boiler Machines come with a 58mm Portafilter. The Barista line of machines have the smaller 54mm portafilter and won’t work with the Puck Sucker.

I’ve only tested the Puck Sucker on a Breville 58mm Portafilter. While it might work with other brands, I can’t guarantee it will. The Breville 58mm Portafilter is a standard cafe size portafilter.

Is it Worth Buying the Breville Puck Sucker?

I have to admit that when I first saw the Puck Sucker I initially dismissed it as just another gizmo that wouldn’t be at all useful. After all, a regular a knock box seems to work just fine. Well that was until I had to make a coffee while my partner was still sleeping and I realised just how loud the knock box is.

If you work late shifts, have a sleeping child in the house or just want to make less noise in the morning, then the Puck Sucker is really useful. While making an espresso is quite loud, the loudest part usually involve knocking out the coffee grounds which requires some force. This little device does it for you with much less noise.

The other pro of using the Puck Sucker is there are fewer coffee drips to wipe up. I find I often cause a few drips when knocking the grinds out. The puck sucker requires no force so all the mess is contained in the actual bin.

So yes, depending on your situation I think the Puck Sucker is actually worth buying. If you know someone who has a Breville espresso machine with a 58mm Portafilter this will make a nice gift.

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