9 Stylish Rattan Bedside Tables You Can Buy in Australia

I’ve been loving the easy, breezy, boho feel that rattan furniture can bring to a space—like a permanent vacation right in your bedroom. If you’re looking for Rattan Bedside Table I’ve put together a collection of on-trend pieces that are available in Australia.

Rattan Bedside Tables: My Picks

I’m seeing more and more Rattan pieces in 2023. Here are some of my favourites from Australian retailers with options to suit all budgets.

Westly Cane Rattan Bedside Table

Add a touch of coastal chic with the Westly Cane Bedside Table from Pottery Barn. It combines a traditional, elegant form with a more laid back rattan insert. I love the brass fitting which just elevates the entire piece.

Westly Cane Rattan Bedside Table

Kona Bedside Table

The Kona Bedside Table from Lifely features Scandinavian style with just a touch of boho. This bedside table features a large bottom draw with Rattan cutout and a handy storage nook at the top. It’s available in both a natural wood and white finish.

Hamptons Raffles Rattan Bedside Table

If you’re looking for a Rattan bedside table that is primarily made from Rattan, then the Hamptons Raffles Bedside Table is for you. It’s made from a Bamboo frame with a Rattan drawer and top. The drawer is finished with a wooden handle.

Raffles Bedside Table

The Raffles Bedside Table from Freedom is crafted from solid oak with hand-woven rattan detailing. It has two soft close drawers each with a rattan front. It’s available in both a honey-oak finish and a white finish. Choose the white finish if you’re looking for a more coastal aesthetic.

Artiss Rattan Bedside Table

If you’re looking to get the Rattan look for less then the Artiss Rattan Bedside Table may be a good pick for you. It’s made from particle board with a wood grain finish. The drawer has a Rattan insert.

The Artiss is a cheap rattan bedside table

Lovell Rattan Bedside Table

The Lovell Rattan Bedside Table is slightly narrower than many of the other options so would suite a smaller bedroom space. It has both a drawer and door with a rattan finish and brass fittings.

Lovell Bedside Table with Rattan Drawer and Door

Boden Bedside Table

The Boden Bedside Table from Adairs has two rounded drawers each with a Rattan finish. The rounded finish will suit smaller spaces and add extra visual interest to a room.

Bodan Bedside Table

Delta Marble Rattan Bedside Table

The Delta Marble Rattan Bedside Table from Life Interiors combines two materials I don’t often see together – Rattan and Marble. It features two drawers with a Rattan front and a solid White Marble top.

Delta Marble Bedside Table

Lagos Bedside Table

I love the combination of the pink top and Rattan in the Lagos bedside table from Larkwood Furniture. This piece has a gorgeous mid-century design and will look good in a variety of bedrooms. They also sell another version with a grey inlay instead of pink.

Lagos Bedside Table

Why Choose Rattan?

Rattan first and foremost, brings a sense of natural warmth and texture to your space that’s unmatched by other materials. Their handcrafted, artisanal quality provides a unique, one-of-a-kind appeal, making each piece a work of art as much as a functional furniture item.

But it’s not just about looks—rattan is a highly durable and lightweight material, making it easy to move and rearrange your bedroom setup as you please. Plus, it’s a sustainable choice; rattan grows much faster than most types of wood, making it a more eco-friendly option.

And let’s not forget versatility—whether you’re leaning into a boho-chic vibe, coastal casual, or even Scandinavian minimalism, a rattan bedside table can seamlessly blend in, elevating your décor while offering practical storage solutions. All in all, choosing rattan is an investment in both style and functionality, making it a win-win for any homeowner.

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