My Sheet Society Review: is it worth it?

Sheet Society is an Australian bedding company that makes a range of sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers. They started online but now also have stores in Melbourne. Sheet Society is a premium bedding product and they can be expensive.

My Sheet Society Review

I bought a set of Sheet Society sheets to test them out and see if they are really worth paying for. This is my honest sheet society review – this isn’t a sponsored or paid post and I paid for the product myself.

Sheet Society Review

What I like about Sheet Society

High Quality Sheets

Most importantly, Sheet Society Sheets are actually high quality sheets. I ordered my first set of (eden cotton) Sheet Society sheets in January 2021. Two years later they are holding up just fine!after a lot of use and many many washes. The elastic in the fitted sheet is still elastic and there are no breakages in any of the fixings.

No Thread Count “Con”

Thread Count is a marketing con. It is still used by many bedding companies to try and convince people their sheets are higher quality. A higher thread count does not mean a sheet is better quality. The most important thing is the quality of the actual thread. Sheet Society uses a longer thread and don’t just use “high thread count” as a marketing term.

I’ve had some sheets from companies like Sheridan which had a “high thread count” and they have been the most uncomfortable sheets I’ve ever slept on. They’ve used a low quality thread which has been itchy and because of the super high thread count, the sheets weren’t breathable. They were just heavy and uncomfortable. High thread count is misleading and doesn’t mean the sheets will be better.

The cotton sheets from Sheet Society use a 400 thread count which I’ve found to be super comfortable.

Bed Builder

What I love most about buying bedding from Sheet Society is I can mix and match sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases to build the exact bedding set I want. I’ve always found the Quilt Cover Sets at places like David Jones and Myer to be poorly designed and you have such a limited choice. The Bed Builder lets you select the material, colour and size for each individual piece of bedding. You can create some really aesthetic bed designs that will match your interior.

Sheet Society Bed Builder

Sheet Society sells a range of different fabrics. You can choose from a range of options including Cotton, Linen and Flannelette sheets.

Thoughtful Design

The sheets from Sheet Society have two features that I think are fantastic. The first is the fitted sheets have a super deep sides. This is a fitted sheet that actually fits! I have a deep mattress and regular fitted sheets from most retailers are almost impossible to get on. The sheets from Sheet Society actually fit the mattress. If you use a mattress topper or just have a deeper mattress, these sheets are for you.

The second feature I really like are the zips on the Quilt Covers. The first thing that breaks on any quilt cover are either the buttons or press studs. No matter how gentle you are, they never tend to last! Sheet Society uses a zip on their Quilt Covers. It’s so worth it! They are so much quicker to put on the bed and you don’t need to worry about them breaking. This feature means your quilt cover will last a long, long time. The fabric in quilt covers don’t tend to wear at the same rate as sheets so it makes sense to have a zipper that will last as long as the fabric.

Good Value

Sheet Society sheets are expensive. Depending on the materials and bed size you could be paying over $500 for a set of sheets, a quilt cover and pillowcases. But when I compared the prices to place like Sheridan – they are similar. And they quality of Sheet Society in my opinion is much higher.

A good set of Linen Sheets can last a lifetime! So while you do pay more, I do think it’s good value.

Is Sheet Society Worth it!

Yes! Sheet Society Sheets are worth the premium price. They are high quality sheets that have lasted well for me, and they also feature a number of neat design touches that elevate them over other brands.

Have you tried Sheet Society? I’d be interested in hearing your about experience. Leave a comment below:

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