Swedish Dishcloths: Are they worth it?

A few months ago, a friend of mine put me onto Swedish Dishcloths as a more hygienic and eco friendly alternative to my cheap Woolworths blue dish cloth.

I can tell you that after switching to Swedish Dishcloths I’m never going back – they are definitely worth it!

Here’s my full review of Swedish dishcloths:

What is a Swedish Dishcloth

Unlike the cheap dishcloths in Coles and Woolies which is made of plastic, Swedish Dishcloths are made of Cotton and Cellulose. Most Swedish Dishcloths are 70% cellulose and 30% cotton. Because these dishcloths aren’t made of plastic, they will eventually decompose instead of polluting the ocean or adding to landfill.

What Makes Swedish Dishcloths Better

I’ve been using Swedish dishcloths in my kitchen for the last few months. I think that Swedish Dish Cloths are the best reusable dish cloth you can buy. Here is what I’ve learnt from using them:

More Hygienic

Swedish Dishcloths will dry out and go hard in between uses. Bacteria needs moisture to survive. That plastic cloth that stays damp all day is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Less Prone to Smells

Ever wondered why sports clothing has a “funky” smell even after washing? Most sportswear is made of plastic, and this attracts oil and grime. Where as Cotton and Wool washes out really well.

The plastic cloth I used to clean my coffee machine would always smell of rancid milk. But I don’t have the same issue with the Swedish dishcloths. I’m able to rinse off the grime and because they dry out, bacteria doesn’t grow.

Swedish Dishcloths can be Washed

Just chuck your Swedish dishcloth in the dishwasher and it will come out sparkling clean! I wouldn’t put a plastic cloth in the dishwasher as it might wrap around the blades and cause damage. Swedish Dishcloths are safe to throw in the dishwasher and they’ll come out clean and free of nasty bacteria.

They Last a Long Time

Because you can keep washing Swedish dishcloths, they will last a long time. I was a bit worried that because they are basically made of paper (cellulose) they would fall apart. But they are super strong even when scrubbing up tough grime.

How to Clean a Swedish Dishcloth

You can clean a Swedish dishcloth two ways:

  • Dishwasher – Throw the Swedish dishcloth in the top rack of your dishwasher. I wash them at the same time as I’m washing my regular load. It’s amazing how clean they come out!
  • Washing Machine – You can put them in the washing machine. I would run them through a “hygiene” load which is done at higher temperatures.

Are Swedish Dishcloths Compostable

Yes! Unlike some products which claim to be biodegradable but are full of nasty micro plastics, genuine Swedish dishcloths are 100% natural. A number of sites have tested to make sure they will decompose and they passed with flying colours. You can put these dishcloths in the compost.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly reusable dishcloth, the Swedish dishcloth is the best you can get!

Can Swedish Dishcloths Replace Paper Towel

Swedish dishcloths start out hard and dry and then when wet will expand and absorb. So yes you can use them to replace paper towel. However once wet they won’t mop up water as well as a paper towel will.

Swedish dish cloths are the closest thing you’ll get to reusable paper towels.

Where to Get Swedish Dishcloths in Australia

Swedish dishcloths are available from numerous retailers in Australia. I buy mine on Amazon and from WhoGivesACrap. While you can get cheap ones made in China the highest quality ones are made in Sweden. The Swedish made ones I get on Amazon are packed by workers with a disability, which is very cool.

Dream Cloths from WhoGivesACrap

Swedish Dishcloths from WhoGivesACrap

Popular toilet paper retailer WhoGivesACrap makes a product called DreamCloth. This cloth is a Swedish Dish Cloth. I bought a pack and can report that they are good quality. They are a little bit more expensive than the Swedish made ones I get on Amazon, but I think they are still are a pretty good deal.

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