Cleaning a Webber Q: My How-To Guide

My Webber Q BBQ gets a lot of use throughout the year. Here’s my guide to cleaning a Webber Q. Of course this guide can be applied to a Baby Q and any other BBQ as well. If you make sure your Webber Q is cleaned in between uses, it will last longer and cook better. Thankfully cleaning a Webber Q is pretty easy.

cleaning a webber q

Cleaning the Webber Q BBQ Plate and Grill Bars

Here is how to keep the cooking surface clean:

Before Every Use

The best way to clean the BBQ plate is to make sure you clean it in between use. That way it will never really get to the point where it needs any major clean.

Before you BBQ, pre-heat the bbq for 10-15 on low heat. Then use a BBQ brush to clean the grill bars and plate. I use this basic BBQ Brush and it does an excellent job and it’s pretty much identical to the much more expensive webber version.

You can also use BBQ Wipes or just paper towel and some oil to wipe down the grilling surface of any loose material.

After you’ve finished cooking I like to wipe down the bars with paper towel again to remove any excess grease.

Every few weeks

Grease and gunk will build up on your BBQ over time. Every few weeks I like to wash the grilling plates in hot soapy water. Using regular dishwashing detergent is completely fine and it does a good job.

After you’ve washed the plates it’s important to re-oil them. This will ensure they don’t corrode. I use a paper towel and some vegetable oil to coat the plates. You don’t need a lot! I then heat the BBQ for 10 minutes on low heat. This will re-seal the Webber and ensure it stays in tip-top shape.

Porcelain Coated Grill bars don’t need to be re-sealed.

Cleaning the Webber Q Lid

Webber recommends you use a non-caustic cleaning solution for cleaning the Lid of the Webber Q. I use the Norfork Non Caustic Cleaner. Something like the Koh cleaner might also work well.

Cleaning the Webber Q Bowl

It’s important to keep the inside of the Webber Q clean from large amounts of grease. If you let it build up you could end up with a grease fire. I use a bit of cardboard cut from a cardboard box to scrape down the insides of the Webber Q. You can buy a specially made scraper from Webber for this task. But cardboard works just as well.

Cleaning the Burner Tube

A BBQ Brush can be used to clean the burner tube. You can also use a safety pin to push away any debris that is blocking the outlets.

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