My Koh Cleaner Review: Does it Work?

You’ve probably seen the ads on Instagram or Facebook for Koh. It looks like it’s a pretty impressive cleaning product. But does Koh actually work? I bought the Koh Cleaner and have been using it for the past few months to test it out. I use it all over the house for general spray and wipe cleaning, cleaning my coffee machine and removing marks from cabinets. Here is my Koh Review:

Koh cleaner review

Koh Cleaner Pros

  • No Nasty Smells – Koh’s product doesn’t have any smell. The traditional products that I use to clean the bathroom and other parts of my Apartment have pretty strong smells. Those chemicals can be hazardous to breath in, especially for Asthma sufferers and Pets.
  • High Quality Spray Bottle – The spray bottle works much better than the cheap spray bottles you get with other cleaning products. Instead of a short spray, it delivers a mist over a number of seconds. It can also be used upside down.
  • Microfibre Cloths are Excellent – Koh comes with a number of Microfibre cloths that are large and colour coded. In the corner of the cloths there is a “scrubby” section. This part of the cloth is slightly more abrasive and can be used for tougher stains.

Koh Cleaner Cons

  • No Surfactant – Koh contains just two ingredients; Water and Potassium Hydroxide. Because Koh doesn’t contain a surfactant it’s not going to be effective at removing grease on its own. Instead the microfibre cloth will be doing 95% of the work to trap grease. For heavy kitchen grease on a splashback or around the stove, cleaning using a surfactant such as soapy water (dishwashing liquid) will always work better.

Will I keep using Koh – My Review

For cleaning the kitchen I’m going to continue using a Swedish dish cloth with hot water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. This is the most effective way to remove cooking grease and splatters.

For the bathroom I’m going to continue to use Koh. As a spray and wipe for areas that don’t require a surfactant then I think it works really well. It’s not the type of product that can build up on a surface like many spray and wipes. So you won’t be left with a tacky or sticky surface.

I’ll keep using Koh for other surfaces around the house where I just want to quickly clean up a spill.

The cloths are doing most of the work. They are excellent quality. If you’re just looking for some really high quality microfibre cloths then these will work for you. I know many people clean using just water and microfibre.

I do like that there is no harsh smell and I know that I’m not putting my health at risk when using this product.

How to Clean Using Koh

For light mess you can just spray and wipe straight away. If you’re trying to remove a heavier mess such as baked on grease, I would recommend spraying and then leaving the product to sit for a few minutes. You can then use the Microfibre cloth to wipe.

For heavy mess you can also use the Diamond Sponge from Koh.

How to Clean a Shower Using Koh

The most important thing when cleaning the bathroom and shower with Koh is to use a dry cloth. A wet cloth will just water down the active cleaning ingredient even more. Once I’ve cleaned the surface with the spray and cloth, I then give the surface a rinse and wipe with a wet cloth. I’ve found that this combination works well for the shower and bathroom.

Here’s a more detailed video on cleaning the bathroom:

Will Koh Cleaner Kill Mould

Nope. There concentration that Koh uses isn’t strong enough to kill mould. While it can remove mould spores from hard surfaces, it can’t completely destroy mould. You will need to use a specialist mould cleaner. Another option would be to add a few drops of Clove oil to your Koh Spray Bottle. Clove Oil inhibits mould growth.

Is Koh Just Salt Water?

No. The active ingredient is Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) which is different to sodium.

Does Koh Work on Grout

You can buy a Grout Brush on Koh. The brush is perfect for scrubbing grout. If your grout is already stained, then it will be very difficult to remove those stains, and the Koh cleaner certainly can’t help with that.

What is In Koh Cleaner

There are just two ingredients in Koh Cleaner. It contains Purified Water and Potassium Hydroxide.

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