How To Get Rid of Pink Mould: Australian Guide

Have you noticed a red or pink mould growing in your shower or bathroom? It’s not actually mould. The pink mould is actually a bacteria called Serratia marcescens. Getting rid of this pink mould can be a bit tough. I’ve found that most regular shower cleaners don’t work and the mould will either stay or reappear within hours. So here is my guide on actually getting rid of it using products that are available in Australia.

Removing Pink Mould

How do you get rid of Pink Mould

Here is how to clean pink mould and help stop it from reappearing.

How to Get Rid of Pink Mould in the Shower

The shower is probably the most common place you’ll find this reddish pink mould. That’s because Serratia marcescens bacteria is water-borne. But anywhere damp and warm will be an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria.

Ajax Professional Mould Cleaner

Using Ajax to get rid of Pink Mould

I tried a number of different shower cleaning products, but the one that was successful at completely removing the pink mould was Ajax Professional Mould Remover. This was the only product that completely removed the pink grime from the surface of the shower. This product was effective at removing the pink grime from both the tiles and grout.

I only really noticed how it worked after using the product. There was a slight pink tinge before on my grout and this completely disappeared after using Ajax.

Ironically Ajax Professional Mould remover didn’t work as well on some actual black mould that was trapped under the silicone sealer in the shower. But it does stop extra mould from building up and I haven’t noticed as much mould under the silicone starting to grow. But the Ajax product does work really well on the Pink slime. For black mould trapped under silicone sealant it may take a few tries to see it clear up.

Ajax Professional Mould works really well. I can’t speak to other Ajax products. They probably don’t contain enough of the active ingredients which are effective at removing both the Pink Mould and the soap scum that the bacteria feeds off.

Find out more about Ajax Professional Mould

Using Clove Oil to Get Rid of Pink Mould

A popular natural choice for removing mould is clove oil. It’s something that you could add to a cleaning product like Koh to spray down your shower. Clove oil won’t be strong enough to get rid of existing pink mould or black mould. But it can be used to help prevent it in the first place. You could use it to spray down the shower in between bigger cleans. Clove Oil does have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

How to Prevent Pink Mould

Here are some of the things you can do to prevent pink mould from growing in your shower:

  • Keep Your Shower Dry – The pink bacteria needs moisture to grow. Letting your shower dry out between uses is one effective way to control the bacteria. Keep a squeegee in the shower. It takes just seconds to clean the walls using a squeegee and this will go a long way towards keeping your shower clean.
  • Clean Away Soap Scum – The bacteria feeds off the oils and fats in soap scum. So it’s important to make sure you don’t let that build up.
  • Reduce Condensation – Make sure you shower with the extraction fan on. If you’re living in a colder climate, keep the extraction fan running after your shower until the condensation has cleared.
  • Control Humidity – You might need to look at investing in a dehumidifier if you live in a humid environment or a cold environment that doesn’t get airflow.

Is Pink Mould Harmful

Pink mould can potentially make you sick. It could cause an opportunistic infection, so it’s not the best thing to leave living in your shower. It’s best to get rid of it, and keep it from growing by cleaning your shower regularly.

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