The Best Silicone Mould Remover: Australian Guide

Cleaning mould that is trapped under silicone sealant can be extremely frustrating. Regular bathroom cleaners, aren’t effective at removing mould. The good news is there are products that are designed to work on Silicone sealant.

Remove mould shower silicone sealant

Can you Remove Mould from Silicone in the Bathroom

I have been successful in removing mould that appears trapped under silicone sealant in the bathroom. But it didn’t happen right away. I’ve tried a number of products and none of them removed the mould instantly. Instead I found they worked over a period of time and a number of applications. So it’s important to be realistic before using any of these products.

Silicone Mould Removers:

Here are some of the silicone mould removal products that I’ve tried:

Glassguard Mould Removal Gel

Glassguard mould remover for silicone

Unlike regular mould removers, Glasssguard Mould Removal Gell will stick to the silicone sealant. You can leave this gel on for 8 hours for the best result.

Because the gel is so thick I did find that it was quite difficult to squeeze out of the tube. I recommend making a fairly large hole in the tip to make it easier. The gel did stick quite well to the silicone sealant but I would also recommend using a small bit of paper towel to hold it in place if the gel is running down.

Overall this gel did remove the mould from the silicone sealant in my shower. It didn’t happen instantly and did require a repeat application.

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Skylarlife Mould Remover Gel

Skylarlife mould remover gel

Skylarlife Mould Remover Gel is a very similar product to Glassguard. It is also a thick gel that will stick to the silicone sealant and works best if left on for a number of hours. I prefer the twist top of the Skylarlife bottle and found it much easier to apply.

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Vilosi Mould Remover

Vilosi mould remover

Vilosi is a mould remover gel. This is a bleach free formulation. I’m not sure how well the active ingredients will work compared to bleach which is an effective way to kill mould spores. But judging by the reviews of others, this product does seem to be effective.

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Ajax Professional Mould Remover

Ajax professional mould remover

Ajax Professional Mould Remover is a spray product. I’ve found that Ajax mould remover is really good for dealing with pink mould in the shower and I use it on silicone to prevent the growth of mould. Unlike the other products that are gels, Ajax Professional Mould Remover is that good the treating mould in silicone on vertical surfaces. I’ve also found it doesn’t work right away but after repeat applications the mould in silicone does appear to be much lighter.

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Selleys Rapid Mould Killer

Selleys Rapid Mould Killer

Selleys Rapid Mould Killler is very similar to Ajax Professional Mould Remover and I’ve found they work pretty much in a similar way. It’s available from Bunnings. Because this is a spray product, it doesn’t stick that well to silicone sealant that is vertical. But does work well for removing general mould in the shower.

Does the Pink Stuff Remove Mould in the Shower

While the Pink Stuff may be able to scrub away mould, there is nothing in its formulation that can effectively kill mould spores. The Pink Stuff doesn’t claim to kill mould and it won’t be effective at removing mould from silicone in the shower.

Does Bleach Kill Mould?

Yes. Bleach is an effective way to kill mould spores. Most mould removers contain some form of bleaching agent. I have come across articles online which claim that these “bleaching agents” aren’t actually killing the mould but are just lightening the mould to make it appear gone. This is misinformation. Bleaching agents kill mould. I think people got confused over the term “bleaching agent”. This just refers to a type of bleach and doesn’t mean it will just have a “bleaching/lightening effect”.

Most formulations of mould removers also contain other chemicals to help the bleaching agent penetrate the surface as well as other agents to make sure the formulation doesn’t corrode metal surfaces or damage bathroom fixtures.

Does Vinegar Kill Mould?

Vinegar can kill mould spores, but it is not effective at treating mould that has penetrated a surface. I’ve found vinegar to be completely ineffective at treating mould in the shower.

Preventing Mould in the Shower

Once mould is present in the silicone of your shower it can be difficult to remove. The best way to treat it, is to prevent it. The best way to do this would be to use a dehumidifier. Mould grows in a damp environment. If your shower is always wet, it’s the perfect breeding ground for mould. A dehumidifier will remover moisture from the air and dry out the shower in between uses. While you can buy “damp” stoppers which contain powders that absorb moisture these will be completely ineffective in a bathroom compared to a dehumidifier.

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